Western Pelion

Spread your wings from Volos

Mist swirling between beech and chestnut tree like a chiffon gown, friends huddled around hearths, warmed by glowing embers, and boundless hospitality, topped off by a panoramic view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf.

Spread your wings from Volos

On the balcony of Pelion

Makrinitsa is a classic Pelion destination with its distinctive architectural hallmarks, stately homes, memorial fountains and delightful labyrinth of alleyways. A romantic stroll around the village leads to the large square where you can enjoy a coffee and sample local delicacies with an uninterrupted view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf.

Beautiful Portaria

Smoke drifting wistfully from chimney stacks against a lush, leafy backdrop, all set off by the benevolent blues the Pagasitikos Gulf; these are the first images that meet the eye when you step into Portaria. Charmingly picturesque, it constitutes an ideal winter destination and your springboard for expeditions to all the beautiful spots on Mt Pelion. The local specialty, orange pie, will give you sustenance as you hoof it round the stomping ground of the legendary Centaurs.

Snow and sea

Hania, a cool oasis in summer and a refuge in winter, is the nearest village to the ski centre of Agriolefkes, where location is everything. Skiing enthusiasts adore it because the snow falls early and melts late in the year. What can possibly beat an exhilarating glide at full pelt down the pistes, brilliant sunshine glinting on snow-covered aspens and the occasional glimpse of the sea in the distance?

On the way to the ski centre, it is imperative that you pause at Drakia, a small picturesque village almost hidden beneath a lush blanket of foliage. Breathe in the crisp, clear air as you walk to the church of Agios Spyridonas and rest in the squares for some authentic Pelion victuals.

A traditional village retreat, seriously contesting the position of Pelion’s most beautiful, is Agios Lavrentios. Nature seems to be in perpetual celebration, dancing alongside the running waters that accompany your every step. Every footpath is the promise of something astounding, connecting this hamlet with Drakia and Hania with some of nature’s most exquisite embroidery.
Follow your nature. Revive yourself in the villages of Volos.

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