Surprises for modern day argonauts

Cruising experiences in the heart of Greece

Surprises for modern day argonauts

Discovering the innumerable attractions of Volos

Menelaos Loudemis, a much loved Greek writer, described Volos as “One of the greatest generosities of life”. And rightly so! A stately city in the heart of the Centaurs’ mountain which dips its toes in the Pagasitikos Gulf; an unbeatable combination! A focal point for both locals and visitors, today the port welcomes cruise liners – just as it did Jason’s legendary Argo.

A sea of nature, mystery and culture

To locals, the Kouri oak forest in Almyros, Magnisia, is known as “the Small Paradise”. A stroll under the reassuring gaze of its centenarian trees is the ideal way to lift the cares from your shoulders. Look out for birds nesting amongst the reeds and unravel the trails around the two artificial lakes.

Nature continues to pose its delightful conundrums at sea. It invites you to plunge into its crystalline depths and fathom its wonders, so don’t forget to bring a swimming costume and towel when you leave the cruise liner. The organized sandy beaches of Anavros, Amarilida and Hrysi Akti Panagias await your pleasure in radiant sunshine. Then again, if you have had your fill of the big blue, the city offers enlightenment of a different kind in the fascinating and long-established Athanasakio Archaelogical Museum, the Railway Museum as well as the museum of Natural History.

Jason’s flavours

A sultry afternoon? A romantic sunset? Any time is suitable for an unprecedented journey in taste. “Tsipouradika”, seafood taverns, are undoubtedly the trademark of Volos. Gather around the table with your friends and dig into the delights offered by the cockles, mussels and sea urchins. Savour every juicy bite of the fresh octopus on your plate, dip another piece of bread into the invitingly pink “taramosalata”, squeeze a bit of lemon over the “saganaki”, or fried cheese. And the rules say that when imbibing on the local spirit, otherwise known as “tsipouro”, you should always empty your glass!

Drop anchor in Volos before continuing your exploration of the Aegean!

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