The culinary treats of Trikala

The results can be truly delightful when gastronomic creations flow so assuredly from the natural beauty of the land as they do down Trikala way!

The height of taste in Meteora

Local meat and dairy products, grains, fruit, vegetables and fragrant herbs are all put to good use in the kitchen in recipes handed down from generation to generation. Housewives here roll up their sleeves and roll out the pastry before you can say “pie factory”. They certainly know how to fill them too. We’re placing our bets now that these are most probably the tastiest pies you have ever had; trahanopita, plastos and batzina… even the names are something to conjure with.In the meantime, while the pies are crusting over nicely in the oven, goat or venison and other types of game are steaming in the pot and lamb with sage in paper is slowly cooking in the casserole dish. The air is thick with delicious smells, glasses are filled with tsipouro and the nibbling commences with delicious local feta and other types of cheese as well as the famous leek sausage.

If you want to relive this gastronomic experience, stock up on the ingredients in the traditional shops of the mountain settlements of Trikala; sun dried trahana, a type of fine gnocchi, groats, herbs, sausages and dairy products, as well as honey and fruit preserves, are all available in abundance. Leading the field in the ‘sweet’ stakes is the Trikala halva, otherwise known as sapoune, with a creamy texture and rich taste. If you want to see how it is prepared in the traditional way, there are various venues around the city demonstrating just this.

Wine of superb quality is produced through purely organic practices on the hilly pistes of Meteora, around the prehistoric cave of Theopetra. Wine lovers will be introduced to new varieties and get to know all about the fascinating process of distillation.

The residents proudly showcase their local cuisine at Meteorisimo, the gastronomy festival. Always on show at this popular event are a vast array of products, from all of which you can get a taste. There are plenty of new recipes to be learnt, guaranteed to make all those future dinner parties go like a dream.
Young and old alike will have a jolly romp at the beer festival. As for mushroom lovers, a festival has sprouted up just for you. Naturally it goes under the title of the Mushroom Festival and includes mushroom gathering expeditions in the forest followed by actual cooking. It revolves around the Meteora museum of Natural History and the Kalambaka Mushroom Museum.

Trikala can adorn any table with its basket of goodies. It’s your turn to dig in!

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