Greece at first sight

A charming little dash of green on a blue background. Here old loves are rekindled and new ones are born.

Greece at first sight

Love is most definitely in the air; in precious moments on pine covered sea shores, playing games in the sand, soaking up the sun, diving into cobalt blue waters. Take a stroll in the cobbled stone streets of Hora, stopping off for some chit chat with the old lady who has treated you to one of her homemade delicacies and showered you in a thousand wishes for your future. Then, pause at one of the chapels to take in a view of the Aegean blue. At dusk, what could be finer than a romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage around the harbor?

Overcome with that all-over contented feeling, you hum the melody from Mama Mia «I have a dream… I believe in angels…». And why wouldn’t you? You are on Skopelos, the azure island that makes your most romantic dreams come true. Believe in summer angels! Believe in love at first sight!

Adorable nature

Enjoy the crystalline waters in Adrina and Stafylos and dive in deep to fathom the secrets of their sea beds. Find one of its wonderful secluded beaches to have all to yourself. Exchange vows of eternal love where the pines spill over into the sea; when the sun paints the horizon of Milia and Panormos red. Enjoy a romantic boat ride as you head to one of the remote beaches or walk hand in hand through the cooling, tranquil forest or along footpaths meandering in and out of olive groves, walnut or pine trees and refreshing ravines.

Lights, camera… love

In Kastri, perched on a hill, lies the chapel of Agios Giannis. A hundred steps separate you from the panoramic view. Those people in Hollywood who chose this place for the wedding in Mama Mia knew a thing or two about affairs of the heart. And now couples from all over the world have cottoned on to this perfect pick for their own fairy tale weddings.

Quite an appetite

Fulfilled by your eventful days on the island, you will have worked up quite an appetite by the time evening comes around; all set to depart on a Skopelos -style journey in flavours. Cheese pies formed into neat little whirls, salads with the aroma of sea fennel and mouthwatering lobster spaghetti are all on the menu. After dinner, there’s an open invitation to lose yourselves in the magic of the moonlight in one of the atmospheric bars of Hora.

Whisper lots of “I love you” on the island of your dreams.

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