The chic Aegean paradise

Cosmopolitan, gorgeous and a racing youthful heart.

The chic Aegean paradise

It is beautiful and it knows it! Its reputation has attracted the young. It has enchanted them with its finesse, fairytale beaches and pine covered mountains. And, in turn, they stamp their vivacity and positive aura on the island. They launch each party into the stratosphere with their powerful beats, they fill every street with ebullient laughter, life and merriment. The young and the young-at-heart have found on Skiathos their absolute ultimate destination for unforgettable holidays.

The night that lasts forever

Nightfall on Skiathos means it’s time to make a date in the old harbour, the alleyways of Hora or along the beach of the port. Catch up on the day’s events with refreshing cocktails and the latest sounds in one, or more, of the packed bars, then move on to some heavy-duty clubbing in pulsating, happening venues. Dance, flirt and squeeze out every last drop of fun until the early hours… which usually means you’ll be there to watch the sun come up!

Fancy a dip?

Groups of smiling young faces enjoy carefree holiday moments in the bars, ouzeri and cafes on the beach with the white sand, Koukounaries. Others live the experience of entertainment “on max” at the beach parties of Banana and Vromolimnos, on constant charge with youthful energy. Believe it or not, some actually go for the peace and quiet on Krifi Ammos, while everyone definitely visits Lalaria to admire the wild beauty of the landscape from up close.

Time for games

It goes without saying that on every beach water sports are the order of the day; jet ski, wind surfing, canoe or scuba diving; there are a thousand and one dynamic ways to enjoy the wonderful waters of Skiathos. Those who want to get that airborne feeling should try paragliding while mountain lovers can enjoy virgin scenery on the numerous climbing and hiking trails.

The Skiathos Palace Cup Club organizes yachting races for the experienced and it also trains enthusiastic novices who want to get that first-time buzz.

You are young. You are free. You are ready to enjoy your summer to the full. Skiathos awaits!

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