Summer hot and highland cool

Pelion is an ideal holiday cocktail for those who waver between mountain and seaside holidays.

Summer hot and highland cool

A game of contrasts, Pelion strikes a scintillating balance between the summer heat and the breezy cool of the high land. A destination endowed by nature, with the mountain and the sea jousting for your heart.

Green vs Blue: An honourable draw

A sacred place where mountain and sea convene, Pelion has a liberating effect on mind and soul. Starting from the square of Agioi Taxiarches in Tsagarada, walk along the cobblestoned alleyways taking in all the enchanting beauty as you go. Just 15 minutes after Agia Kyriaki, you reach “Kagiola” and it’s time to rest before you hit the road for Damouhari beach. Here, as cooling winds sweep down off the mountain to take the sting from the midday heat, you’ll begin the seaside trail passing through Agios Athanasios and Kryfo Sholio, hidden school, until you end up at the bay of Fakistra.

When is an island not an island? Pure Trikeri

Don’t be fooled by Trikeri. It is not an island–even though it looks like it… Explore its charm by boarding a caique from Alogoporos. A quarter of an hour later, you will find yourselves on the only inhabited island of the Pagasitikos Gulf, Ai Yianni or, if you prefer, Palio Trikeri. Quiet and picturesque, all the better for the fact that the surging crowd has passed it by; its single adornment is the Monastery of the Virgin Mary on a hilltop.

Mountain and sea in a single bound

Just as you dive ecstatically into the waves off its beaches, you’ll bound with equal enthusiasm through meadow and mountainside with nature in full flow. Piquant scenes of natural beauty unfold before your eyes when you hike anywhere between Lafkos and Milina; restful yet stimulating trails, suitable for everyone, curling through a natural canopy of trees, mellowing the glare of the sun. Wherever you may roam inland -along high rocky ridges or across verdant valleys- on catching a glimpse of the sea, your eyes are always drawn back to the dazzling blues of the waters below you. On the coastal paths themselves, it is impossible not to be awestruck by the lofty peaks rising up around you. Pelion has its mountains and Pelion has its sea. Quite simply, there can’t be one without the other.

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