A quest for adventure

Mt Pelion works its magic whatever the time of year, inviting you on endless adventures in the great outdoors.

A quest for adventure

Walk its trails enjoying a tapestry of resplendent greens, a different shade for every mood. Cross gorges and stop to listen to the sound of tranquility, orchestrated by the gentle trickle of an ever-present mountain stream. Either on horseback or bicycle take up the sun’s invitation to a friendly game of hide-n-seek as it dips tantalizingly behind the wooded pistes. Launch another snowball at a favourite friend as you both gaze out across the blue of the Aegean.

Stepping out in the woods…

Discover the spectacular beauty hidden along the footpaths of the verdant north and central part of the mountain that descend to the waiting Aegean; or on the trails across the gentler, rolling hills of the southern part, tumbling into the embrace of the Pagasitikos Gulf. Whichever side you choose, the fragrance of the wild flowers and the sweet chorus of birdsong will be your constant companions.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A very well organized ski centre in Agriolefkes with 5 pistes, ski schools and a refuge await for fun and games aplenty in the snow. The view of the sea against the backdrop of the snow covered aspens, and hopefully not your skiing technique, will knock you off your feet!

Take the reins to freedom

Live a unique experience and truly awaken your senses on horseback, galloping across green hills carpeted with olive groves, next to ravines shaded by plane trees; or along sandy beaches with the sea breeze brushing your face. Both beginners and experienced riders will find the trails that suit them best.

Pedal into two-wheel wonder

Quiet unmade roads, shady flat trails on the Pagasitikos side or the steeper trails of eastern Pelion offer you unique cycling experiences. You will zig-zag through dense forests, enjoy the view from secluded glades, quench your thirst from the waters of fresh mountain springs and feel the incomparable sense of freedom a bicycle ride offers.

A grand way to canyon on Pelion

Looking to get the adrenaline skyrocketing? What better way than canyoning through gorges of untamed and unrivalled natural beauty. Mylopotamos, Fakistra and Damouhari top a list which will take your excitement to dizzying heights, and if it all gets too much, you can cool off with a dive into one of the many natural rock pools along the way.

Scale the peaks of passion on Pelion by falling for its nature!

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