Celebrating flavour

A delicious journey, full of flavours from land and sea blended to perfection.

Celebrating flavour

With tradition as their recipe, the locals have used the produce of their land, sprinkled in simplicity and come up with a sublime cuisine.

Making a meal of Magnesia

Spentzofai is undoubtedly the most famous dish of Mt Pelion. Local sausage, tomatoes and peppers from its orchards are combined… and voila, the dish that perfectly accompanies mouthwatering bean soup on a cold winter day is laid before you. Crusty pies of every kind and mushrooms cooked in a variety of ways make a tasty prelude to the culinary masterpieces to follow; coq au vin and lamb in an oil and lemon sauce served with homemade pasta top a meaty line-up and naturally there is a glass of local red wine to wash it all down.

In the cafes or taverns, you can treat yourself to traditional oven-baked desserts or fruit preserves. Then, over a Greek coffee, the locals will happily share a few cooking tips and even recipe or two with you.

A warm welcome and friendly atmosphere is also on the menu at the tsipouradiko, that staple of Volos society, serving up delicious food and great company right across the city. You see, it’s the people that put the fun into drinking Tsipouro, whether it’s with or without aniseed! With every carafe comes another round of smiles and a sumptuous selection of meze, including pickles, salted fish, salads, fried sea food, oysters and mollusks as well as Vlahon sausage and pies. Volos halva and fruit preserves round things off, perhaps cushioning the more potent effects of the famous local tipple.

As if drinking it were not enough, you can top up on experiences with a visit to a tsipouro and wine-producing distillery – turning out this most vital lubricant for all social affairs in the region.

Something to savour in the Sporades

On Alonissos the locals know precisely how to get the best of the sea around them; from the humble white fish which make delicious soup to high quality tuna and lobsters, the star turn of their pasta dishes.

You cannot leave Skopelos before you try their swirly cheese pie and avgato, a sweet made from the plums of the area. On Skiathos, they will welcome you with delicious almond-based sweets which you are bound to want to take back home with you.

Natural tastes to match the natural beauty of Magnesia and the Sporades.

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