Grace and flavour on the flatland of Thessaly

The table overflows with the fruits of the Thessaly plain.

The plain of plenty

Vivacious, luscious and seductive, Larissa lets her considerable gastronomical charms do all the talking as you simply sit back and enjoy the flavour. Every destination, whether famous or lesser known, invites you to taste a full complement of what the land has to offer.

Just one more slice…

Some bread and a piece of cheese – feta, manouri, galotyri, kasseri, kefalotyri, telemes -as well as yoghurt or fresh butter- are more than enough for a delightful feast. The flavoursome charm of the cheese products of Larissa is beyond doubt and no matter the variety you are always guaranteed top quality. If you had to pick one, Elassona feta cheese could be an excellent choice. In August, you don’t have to be a big cheese to visit the yearly Panhellenic Feta Festival, laymen and aficionados alike are all welcome.

Living it up on Mount Tyrnavos

There are enough “hot tears” on the Thessaly plain to warm the cockles of your heart and fill your glass as many times as you desire. Rest assured that the famed Tyrnavos tsipouro certainly has the strength to break the ice at any party. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting and laughing along with comparative strangers as you nibble at delicacies and homemade sweets in traditional restaurants, making memories and friends for life.

More than just pie in the sky!

The endless imagination and creativity shown by the housewives in Rapsani have given rise to more than 30 different kinds of pie, with the summer vegetable extravaganza likely to top your list of favourites.

Dreaming in red … and tasting perfection

When the tray with the scarlet liqueur appears, you know it’s time to surrender to unimaginably exquisite sensations. Made from the berries of the Krana bush, which has made its home in the Thessaly region, this is one pleasure not to be missed whenever you visit. The fruit can also be enjoyed as a sweet, preserve or jam, or even by diluting its concentrated juice with water.

Got a new sweetheart?

The remarkable tasting halva is the trademark of the town of Farsala. From the first moment you try this popular sweet, you will be smitten. It is equally difficult to resist a handful of large, sweet almonds from Larissa, the number one producer at home and a prodigious exporter of these healthy as well as tasty nuts. Finally, spreading the golden, fragrant Olympus honey on your morning toast, you’re about to sample the taste of heaven on earth!

A banquet of flavours and sensations awaits you on the Thessaly plain!

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