Getting the blend just right

The city with a great history, varied cultural currents and quality entertainment makes a powerful magnate for tourists.

Larissa – the open city

Larissa has a youthful heart leaning on a potent historical heritage. Feel the beat of the city underfoot. With a wealth of creativity and a wave of innovation on display, here’s one destination that will bring out the artist in you too.

A city open to history, art and culture

Either with a travel guide or an app on your mobile, explore the cultural treasure box that is Larissa. Ancient theatres, the Hippocrates’ monument, the Haravgi district, the Folklore Museum and Archaeological Museum lodging in the only remaining mosque, Geni Tzami; they all make up a retrospective of a city justly proud of its times gone by.

Then again, if your interests are more artistic, cross the threshold of the imposing building that’s home to Mylos tou Pappa -the priest’s mill- and you light the blue touch paper on the city’s pyrotechnic theatre and dance scene. The International Festival is a focal point for cult movie buffs from all over the world, while the International Street Drama Festival is equally mesmerizing for lovers of acting in its most spontaneous form.

Be a part of this spectacular celebration – the whole city is galvanized by the enthusiasm and the artistic energy of all those who come from every corner of the earth. On every street corner, there’s a different kind of artist to spring yet another surprise. To borrow from The Beatles, it’s a magical mystery tour reaching into every corner of your heart and mind and carrying you off on a unforgettable ride.

A city open to people

Young people in Larissa find an environment ripe for expressing their artistic urges and new ideas. In the cafes of the city they exchange views, relax and muster their forces for the next groundbreaking artistic endeavour. After all, they know that in Larissa, hearts, minds, eyes and ears are always open to the winds of aesthetic change… the very thing that spurs them on to greatness.

With cultural as your partner, let your imagination loose on the dancefloor of Larissa.

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