A natural fit in Olympus

Mt Olympus and Mt Kissavos: The king and his proud companion stand side by side, wetting their toes in the river Pinios and promising their visitors great adventure.

A natural fit in Olympus

Rich mythology, incomparable natural beauty and a plethora of activities; what lover of the great outdoors could fail to yield to their magnetism?

Topping adventure

Could there be a better place to succumb to the magic of mountain climbing, the absolute awe of abseiling, the bountiful benefits of biking or the delirium of diving deep into the crystalline sinkholes of gorges already awash with luxuriant vegetation? Sunrise on Mount Olympus and you’ll head out from a glittering Agia Triada to Krevatia, followed by Barbalas. The wonderful view of the Tempe Valley strengthens your resolve to test your mettle on its spectacular rock face. On foot or by pedal power, surging through the forests from Karia to Aigani, your eyes will alight upon a generous canopy of chestnut, fir and oak; all of which have taken on time at its own game!

Action all ends up

On Mt Kissavos, or Ossa if you prefer, you’ll ascend from Spilia to Synahovrysi. The challenge of the trail pales by comparison with the awesome spectacle that confronts you. In Kalypso Gorge, as adrenaline stampedes around your body, waterfalls cascade onto waiting rocks and nightingales regale your every move with celebratory song. You can abseil down the specially designated rock faces of Tzamia and Seloma and, with Aprioprino as both your starting and finishing line, bike through Spilia and Bougazi, breathing in fresh air and views, the like of which you may never have seen before.

White water wonders in Tempe Valley

With your indispensable sport camera attached to your helmet, you’ll capture the glory and the tempest the waters of the Pinios and your own “superhero” moments rafting or kayak-canoeing in the embrace of the valley of Tempe.

Running up that hill: It’s out of this world (almost)

At last, summer is here and all that painstaking preparation is about to bear fruit, as you take your starting position in the greatest sky-running race of them all, the “Faethon Olympus Marathon”. You’ll meet athletes from all over the world; a surging mass of humanity at one with the stunning natural landscape to which you entrust your destiny. As competition goes, can it really get any better than this?

Get a natural high on Olympus! The sky’s the limit under the gaze of the gods!

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