Pedal into a free-wheeling city sensation

With one eye on the breathtaking Agrafa mountain range and the other on the sweeping plain of Thessaly at its feet, you can pedal through the beautiful city of Karditsa, propelled by its modern, friendly air.

Pedal into a free-wheeling city sensation

The key to its charm is its natural, uncluttered life style. One of the things that its citizens take very seriously is the notion of fresh air and exercise. You are invited to hop on a saddle and breeze around its modern network of bicycle lanes, most of which have a gentle gradient so as not to put too much strain on the body as your senses feast on all the wonderful views around you. Karditsa has made cycling an inextricable part of the everyday life of its residents and visitors.

Your ride starts from the central pedestrian street which ends in the main square. Your attention will be drawn to the neoclassical building, Pallas, which was once graced with the presence of Eleftherios Venizelos and the Arni hotel with its eye-catching dome. Marvel at the pictorial representation of the Thessaly night sky on the floor of the fountain and carry on to the building of the Public Market, a fascinating take on architectural Modernism.

Calling in at the Municipal Library and the Archaeological Museum is a must, to be followed by a little time-out in “Pafsilipo” park. Surrounded as it is by pedestrianized streets, it makes a tranquil green haven away from the hustle and bustle of traffic; a veritable paradise for young and old alike and the venue of many of the city’s important cultural events. Keep your cameras primed for when one of the park’s many peacocks opens their feathers; the prettiest fan you have ever seen!

On the outskirts of the city lies the forest of Paparantza or “Hilia Dentra”, a thousand trees. With its huge centenarian trees, it is an attractive and shady spot for recreation throughout the year.

Do what comes naturally! Biking in Karditsa.

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