Nature's innocence

Friendly and authentic, it will initiate you into the beauty of nature and the life style tuned to its rhythms.

Nature's innocence

You sense it well before you reach the island. Dolphins, gliding gracefully between the waves, make a wonderful escort as your ship approaches the port. A seal swims in the deep blue waters without a care in the world. This is a trip that will offer you unprecedented, exquisite moments.

There is no doubt that staying on and discovering Alonissos is irrefutably life-affirming. A small verdant island moving to a mild and relaxing pace, here you can listen to the silence… create an image out of the tranquility of nature. And your heart and mind cannot help but follow its call…

A blueprint for paradise?

Limpid waters intermingle with luscious pine forests and create a warm, hospitable embrace. Groups of friends, of any size or persuasion, can enjoy the carefree days this coastal oasis offers; on Leftos Gialos with the white pebbles, on colourful Kokkinokastro or at Votsi, the harbor with the picturesque beach. And what can be said of Milia where, as you head down through the dense pines, a beach with sparkling waters emerges as if out of thin air!

Beautiful evenings

Soft music accompanied by the breaking waves under a starlit sky in Patitiri; captivating live music events in Palio Horio and bars with their own special atmosphere in Palia Alonissos. These are just a few of what will become your favourite things, all contributing to idyllic evenings on Alonissos. Its unfailingly friendly mood cannot help but lift your spirits.

Catching on to the taste

Any fish in today’s catch fit for boiling is more often than not transformed into a delicious soup. The tuna, lobster and crab are the gastronomical attention grabbers. And you definitely won’t put up much resistance to the figs with honey, homemade walnut pie, fouskakia and hamalia.

Nature de profundis

In the portion of sea which has been characterized as a National Marine Park, organized diving is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stir your emotions exploring a sea bed of incomparable natural beauty.

As for the hinterland, it has to be seen on foot! Pine trees, wild vegetation, chapels, secluded coves and always that view of the endless blue of the sea; it simply can’t get any better!

Feel the peace the island exudes overwhelm you.

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