About us

Mythessaly.com is an interactive platform aiming to help  the user discover the Thessaly’s unique destinations and the rich experiences each destination has to offer. The website is aligned with the campaign concept “Thessaly. Handcrafted by time” and presents the region in an imaginative and contemporary way.

For the visual display of the concept which was created to present Thessaly’s destinations and experiences, we used textiles taken from the sources below:

  1. www.textileasart.com
  2. collections.vam.ac.uk/ 
  3. www.yorkeantiquetextiles.com
  4. www.philamuseum.org
  5. www.mfa.org

 The Partnership

This website was designed and developed under the Tourism Partnership for Thessaly. The “Tourism Partnership for Thessaly” is an innovative collaboration platform, aiming to support and strengthen the authenticity and high quality of Thessaly as a tourism product.

MARKETING GREECE of SETE and the Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon joined forces in a strategic partnership with the Region of Thessaly by designing and implementing a complete promotional plan including promotional actions coming with full technical support, in order to boost the development of the regional tourism product of Thessaly.

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